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BALI SANDAT We've put together some useful information

From Climate to Travel Information


The climate is tropical. Temperature is between 25°C and 32°C the whole year round, while the sea is between 28°C and 30°C. Most of the time the climate is very pleasant due to the soft breeze experienced especially close to the sea. In the mountains it is slightly cooler – you will be happy with a pullover, especially in the evening.

From January till March, the island experiences the monsoon. It brings very heavy but short rains, mostly in the afternoon and at night. At the north coast the rain is much less than in the south. Humidity is high and tropical.

During the whole year the sun rises at around 6 am and sets at around 6 pm.

Local Time

Summer: CET + 6 hours
For example: 12 am in central Europe will be 6 pm on Bali.

Winter: CET + 7 hours
For example: 12 am in EURpe will be 7pm on Bali.

General Information
  • Internet: BALI SANDAT offers WLAN / WiFi free of charge. There is one internet café in the village.
  • Electricity: 220 Volt, 2-pin EU standard plug.
  • Money exchange: The nearest place to change money is in the provincial capital Singaraja (30 km) at a Bank or money changer.
  • ATM: The nearest ATM in the neighbouring village Tejakula (about 5 min by motorbike) accepts Master, Visa and Maestro Cards. Make sure with your bank before departure that your card is not blocked for foreign countries.
  • Swimming: Attention: sharp corals! We recommend plastic shoes to enter the sea.
  • Please respect the local custom: Do not show yourself naked or topless on the beach.
  • Waste: The waste disposal is a real problem on Bali. So far there are no waste incineration or water clarification plants. Please produce as little waste as possible, and take your batteries back home with you. You can refill your water bottles at our guesthouse.
  • Medical Facilities: In Bondalem, there is a doctor and a well-equipped pharmacy. In Singaraja, Ubud and Denpasar there are good clinics with English-speaking doctors.
  • Tipping: It is common practice to give a tip of 10% in restaurants and for services.
  • Traffic: Driving is on the left.